Mdm Teo Goes Online

Published on 26 May 2022


Mdm Teo shares her new-found digital skills with fellow seniors.

The pandemic threw a wrench in 82-year old Mdm Teo Gek Kee’s daily routine, where she was used to heading out daily to look for her favourite hawker food or meet up with friends. To overcome the isolation and stave off boredom, Mdm Teo rolled up her sleeves to pick up a new skill, and attended the Digital Silvers programme organised by IMDA. Epitomising the spirit of lifelong learning, she is now confident in using her smartphone to search for her favourite recipes online and make video calls to stay connected with her daughter and friends.


Mdm Teo was featured in a Facebook livestream, where she shared her famous chicken curry recipe.

Never one to shy away from trying something new, Mdm Teo also enthusiastically led NTUC Health’s first Be Ageless livestream cooking show to encourage other seniors to join the community at our Senior Activity Centre in Taman Jurong; tempting them with what she does best - cooking! The session saw Mdm Teo whip up a mouth-watering chicken curry dish in under an hour, much to the delight and curiosity of online viewers.


We are never too old to learn something new. NTUC Health has been working with partners such as IMDA and Singtel to impart basic digital skills, such as surfing the web for useful information, using smartphone apps to participate in online exercise sessions or to make video calls to their loved ones.

“It’s important to pick up digital skills, and the government is encouraging us to learn it!”

Mdm Teo Gek Kee

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