Home Care

Receive the care you need in the comfort of your home. We offer therapy, nursing, medical services, and assist in showering and running of errands. Get 5% off all Home Care Services: Home Therapy, Home Nursing and Home Medical, from now till 31 October 2023 with the NDP 2023 eCoupon.

Enjoy the convenience of care in the comfort of your home

Do you love your home, the memories that come with it, your neighbours and your daily lifestyle? We get it. And so do our seniors. Many seniors prefer living at home throughout their silver years. With NTUC Health’s Home Care services, your loved ones can continue to receive quality care while they age in place.

Enjoy the convenience of care, therapy or medical services in the comfort of home as we bring our team of medical professionals, therapists and care associates to you.

Why should you choose our Home Care services?

Here at NTUC Health, we ensure that your senior loved one will be cared for by a regular small team of care associates. This means that you will always see a familiar face when getting the care you need in the comfort of your home. We also provide all the support you need under one roof - be it a doctor, nurse, therapist, or even a companion. Our care associates are well-trained and invest at least 50 hours a year in training to ensure that they are equipped with the best practices and can provide the best care to your loved ones.


Home Care Services

Our home care services team provides help with showering, toileting, preparing meals and other daily activities of living, while ensuring your loved one stays engaged and cared for at home.


Home Nursing

Our home nursing services provide specialised nursing care and post-hospital care in the comfort of home so your loved ones can focus on recovery.


Home Therapy

We provide specialised home therapy such physiotherapy, occupational or speech therapy to help your loved ones work towards better quality of life.


Home Medical

Our home medical consultation provides in-home medical services and house calls so your loved ones who have difficulty commuting can seek consultation and treatment in the comfort of home.


Interim Caregiver Service

Designed to offer temporary support, our interim caregiver service provides short-term nursing care for your loved ones who have recently been discharged from the hospital.


Disability Assessment

Our MOH-accredited assessors can provide Functional Assessment Reports to help in your application to financial aid such as CareShield Life and the Home Caregiving Grant.



DayCare+ (pronounced “day care plus”) is a virtual programme designed to keep seniors active and engaged at home through fun online activities.


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