Engage your senior loved ones virtually with DayCare+ which provides a range of activities for the senior at the comfort of their own home.

DayCare+ (pronounced “day care plus”) is a virtual programme designed to keep seniors active and engaged at home through fun online activities. Seniors can follow along to a guided programme that may include: stretching and light cardio exercises, reminiscence activities, games such as Bingo and puzzles, and virtual tours. Designed to maintain physical and cognitive functions, this programme is suitable for seniors with dementia.

There are many benefits of the DayCare+ programme including, but not limited to:

  1. Increase social engagement via the virtual platform (seniors who are not open to physical social environment)

  2. Improve functional abilities (via participation in exercises)

  3. Maintain cognitive health

  4. Provide care solutions and choices to caregivers

  5. Encourage bonding and relationship with caregivers

The programme runs from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). The features of DayCare+ comprises daily morning sessions where you can tune in online with other seniors to 30 minutes of live interaction with our care staff. During this session, our staff will guide your loved one through activities that may include resistance band exercises, inter-generational engagements and more! Seniors can also explore more activities at any time of the day with access to our library of pre-recorded 30 minute DayCare+ episodes. All you need is WiFi or data to access the online sessions, as well as a device such as a laptop or tablet!

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