Under the guidance of our professional physiotherapists, physiotherapy can improve muscle strength, flexibility and mobility, as well as relieve pain.

Our physiotherapy services are designed by professional physiotherapists and focused on helping one "get back to normal". Our programmes improve quality of life for those with injuries, recovering from stroke or have been recently hospitalised. Our physiotherapists can provide useful lifestyle management tips and coaching to prevent further injuries.

At our 21 Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy centres across Singapore, we are ready to provide for all your physiotherapy needs.

Speak to us if you need help with:

Lower back pain

  • Staying in one position for hours may lead to a sore back or discomfort around the spine.
  • Those suffering from scoliosis or sciatica may also suffer pain in the lower back.
  • Proper pain management and a customised exercise plan can improve back pain over time.

Neck and shoulder pain

  • Looking at computer or phone screens for a prolonged period of time may be the cause of your neck and shoulder pain, or even result in a frozen shoulder. These can be debilitating as they can limit your range of motion and affect your daily activities such as showering, putting on clothes, and carrying heavy items.
  • Instead of relying on painkillers or medicated plasters, consult our physiotherapist today.

Knee pain

  • Physical activities that involve running, stretching, and bending can put a lot of strain and impact on the knees, which in turn can cause pain when you exercise. This is especially common for those who work out intensely but irregularly.
  • Speak to our physiotherapists for a customised exercise plan to strengthen the muscles around the knees.

Neurological conditions

  • Our therapists can help those suffering from cerebral palsy, Parkinson's Disease or other neurological conditions to exercise the body and improve strength, mobility and joint range.

Other conditions

  • Stroke, fractures, sprains, numbness, limited range of motion and pain are also conditions that our therapists can treat.
  • Our physiotherapists will prescribe a treatment plan consisting of exercise, pain management tips and recommended changes to activity. Treatment options may include:

    • Movement and balance training

    • Endurance and strength training

    • Techniques to recover from falls and how to prevent them

    • Health and wellness education

    • Pain management

    • Advice on posture and lifting techniques


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