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Find a range of services and join a community at our Active Ageing Centres located island-wide, where ageing can be a fulfilling experience. Our Active Ageing Centres (Care) are centres appointed by the Ministry of Health and Agency for Integrated Care to provide services for seniors.

Our Services

Be an ageless senior

At NTUC Health, we believe that age is just a number and that seniors can lead exciting, purpose-driven lives, doing the things they love.

We help seniors do this by developing community-based activities that promote active ageing and improve overall well being. We also provide opportunities for seniors to help others and give back with their time, experience, and skills.

Our goal is to make your life more fulfilling. That is why our community and volunteer activities are at the heart of what we do.

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Our centre locations

Our Active Ageing Centres are drop-in centres for seniors in the neighbourhoods around Singapore. The centres provide an opportunity for seniors living nearby to interact with their peers and provide mutual support to each other.

In partnership with grassroots organisations, healthcare providers and corporations, our centres also offer a range of health and engagement programmes.

Our centres are also information and referral points to the government or other services for seniors who need assistance.

We currently have 3 Active Ageing Centres (Care), 8 Active Ageing Centres and 2 Senior Activity Centres in Singapore.

Our Locations

Social Activities

  • Community-based activities improve social cohesion in the neighbourhood. Apart from helping to foster bonds between residents, these activities are also an avenue for you to share your experiences and skills with others and learn something new.

    Join our dynamic community of active agers and optimise your physical, mental, and social well-being.

    Community & Social Activities

    • Inter-generational activities (bringing youth and seniors together)
    • Healthy cooking demonstrations
    • Community dining
    • Interest group activities
    • Classes and workshops (Digital tools, language classes, etc)
    • Advance care planning
    • Retirement planning
    • Other social and recreational activities

    Healthy Living

    • Health self-check station
    • Fall-risk and wellness screenings
    • Exercise and fitness programmes
    • Mental stimulation activities

    Active Ageing Services

    • Fitness
    • Mental Wellness
    • Volunteering & Social Activities

    Learn more about our Elderly Gym, Fitness Classes and other Active Ageing Services.

Volunteer With Us

We have a variety of volunteering opportunities available for our members. Choose to contribute in any of the following ways:

  • Befriending seniors from our Day Centre for Seniors through activities such as table games and singing
  • Teaching/facilitating group exercises such as qigong, yoga, etc.
  • Conducting cooking and baking demonstrations
  • Organising arts and crafts sessions (e.g., painting, drawing, sewing and handicrafts)
  • Sharing of skills and experiences through classes or workshops (e.g., language, dialects, cooking)
  • Gardening

Find out more at our Volunteer page.

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Our Awards


Our Rock and Roll programme helped seniors learn about safety tips and exercises to reduce the occurrence of falls.


In 2021, our Active Ageing Hub (Kampung Admiralty) was awarded Platinum for our volunteer-led community garden.


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