10 Fun Ways Seniors Can Age Actively in Singapore

Published on 21 May 2021

Need inspiration for elder-friendly entertainment in Singapore? Staying active is an excellent way to combat loneliness and social isolation as we grow older. Inject novelty and excitement into your routine by keeping fit, learning new skills and having a rolling good time with friends in the local community!

We’ve put together a list of 10 amazing activities that you can look forward to, along with some great options for those with restricted mobility or vision. Gather your kakis (friends) and family for some serious fun as you embark on the journey to Be Ageless!


Get Social

Did you know that social activity (yes, even with animals!) reduces the risk of depression, cognitive decline and dementia?

Strong community bonds are a source of support and joy for seniors, so spend some time fostering those ties with your loved ones!

1. Day Trip to a Goat Farm

Make your way to Hay Diaries, Singapore’s only goat farm for a lovely day out in nature. Farm tours are family-friendly and free for small groups, so bring the grandkids too! Just make sure to get there between 9 to 10.30am to catch the milking process.

Want a closer encounter with the goats? Buy a pack of hay to feed them or head to the petting zone, or treat yourself to some fresh goat milk for a nutritious drink that’s full of vitamins and calcium. Don’t forget to bring home souvenirs like their cotton shopping bags and homemade goat soap!

Opening Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays (9am – 4pm), closed on Tuesdays (Don’t forget to check for updates on the operating hours, just in case!)

2. Visit an Active Ageing Hub

If you’re looking to make new friends and join a variety of entertaining activities, be sure to check out NTUC Health Active Ageing Hubs. Host to a broad range of recreational and social activities, it’s all the entertainment you need under one roof.

Get ready to explore healthy cooking classes, group exercise sessions, IT workshops, volunteering opportunities and more. Whether you want to learn how to plan for your retirement, or simply wish to interact with other seniors over coffee, you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you here.

Locations: Bukit Batok West, Jurong Central Plaza, Kampung Admiralty

Telephone: 6970 5829 (Bukit Batok West) / 6256 3671 (Jurong Central Plaza) / 6870 8500 (Kampung Admiralty)

Source: Hay Diaries


Keen to share your time and effort for a good cause? Why not widen your network of friends while contributing to society? Doing something meaningful to give back to the community can give you a stronger sense of purpose, and increase your overall psychological wellbeing.

3. Volunteer for a Food Rescue

Did you know that in 2021, Singapore generated 817,000 tonnes of food waste? Go on a food rescue mission to save fruits and vegetables from going to waste, and possibly bring some home for your efforts! The volunteers at SG Food Rescue collect unsold produce from retailers and distribute them to those lacking access to affordable and nutritious food in Singapore.

Join them to experience the volume of food we waste as a nation, and be a part of the solution to food waste.

4. Serve the Community

Touch the lives of at-risk children and seniors by offering your services at RSVP Singapore. You can do your bit to create an inclusive society by bringing some cheer to the people who need it most.

If you have a skill to share, or like the idea of conducting classes and outings, why not sign up with NTUC Health to begin your volunteering journey? Show some love to nursing home residents and neighbours in the community by taking on diverse roles like coordinating programmes, hairdressing, home visiting, or simply befriending a senior.

Source: TODAY Online

Fitness and Wellness

Staying fit is key to a healthy immune system and an effective way to improve your mood and relieve stress. Prevent and counteract the effects of chronic health conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol, cataracts, joint pain, arthritis and diabetes by working out regularly.

5. Attend Fitness Classes

Put on your activewear and get your heart pumping in these fitness classes catering specifically to older adults. Our Active Ageing services offers seniors a variety of safe and fun workouts like circuit training, Gym Tonic and even low impact kickboxing! Improve your mobility, flexibility, balance and strength under the guidance of certified trainers.

For those who prefer to exercise at home, why not try some online classes for Chair Yoga, resistance band training and Seated Pilates? These virtual workouts are free and can be performed seated, making them ideal for beginners and low mobility individuals.

6. Go for a Hike Outdoors

With over 300 parks and 4 nature reserves, there’s no shortage of places to go for a hike in Singapore. Round up some friends to go on these walking trails that are suitable for most seniors. Remember to stay hydrated and use sunscreen for an enjoyable walk!

For a wet weather plan, head down to Gardens by the Bay and take in the gorgeous greenery under air-conditioned sheltered domes. Most of the area is wheelchair accessible and you can even rent one at their information counters and at the Visitor Service Centre. For a complete experience, recharge and enjoy a meal at these eateries nearby.

Source: Channel News Asia

Lifelong Learning

Why is lifelong learning important for seniors? For starters, it boosts confidence and is a way to build new skills. More significantly, it has been proven to delay the effects that ageing has on cognitive abilities and the onset of dementia, keeping seniors independent for longer.

7. Free Digital Learning

Skip supermarket queues, and have more fun online by learning how to use apps for payment, communication, and entertainment at Seniors Go Digital.

Get guidance on how to keep in touch with your loved ones via video calls and texting. Open doors to new forms of entertainment by learning how to play videos and music, search for information online, and navigate social media like Facebook.

Register for free one-on-one guided sessions at a digital learning hub near you to learn at your own pace!

8. Attend Workshops and Courses

Do you get excited at the idea of sewing a quilt, cooking classes or exploring traditional massage techniques to soothe your aches? Always wanted to speak another language or play an instrument? Whatever your interests are, chances are that our community centres will have something that catches your fancy.

Remember to use any SkillsFuture credits you may have while signing up for the workshops and courses. For more bite-sized learning options, you may also check out the National Silver Academy.

Source: Straits Times
Source: TODAY Online

Indoor Activities and Hobbies

Apart from being generally fuss-free, indoor activities are an option for seniors with restricted vision or mobility. The following ideas may inspire you to explore various activities to delight in, and stimulate your senses.

9. Play Games

Social games like mahjong, card games or chess are brilliant for spending quality time with your loved ones while giving you a cognitive challenge.

IT savvy elders can download free online puzzle games designed specifically for seniors on https://silveractivities.com/, or stick to the popular classics like Bejeweled or Solitaire.

10. Audio Entertainment

Music heals the soul and brings joy. Enjoy a karaoke session at home or go back in time and play the classics from your era on the Spotify app, which has plenty of songs in multiple languages and even dialects.

You can also stay up-to-date with our local scene and culture, and get a laugh out of the witty commentary in these popular local podcasts.

Source: iMore
Source: HealthHub

Take the quiz to get new inspiration for indoor activities you can try!

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