Cost-Friendly Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Surgery in Singapore

Published on 01 Jan 2023


Wisdom teeth usually emerge during the late teenage years and early twenties.

Most young adults will find themselves with a set of wisdom teeth. In some cases, wisdom teeth may not erupt healthily due to the lack of space in the jaws, and cause pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing such problems, you may be considering having your wisdom teeth removed. Read this article for all you need to know about Wisdom Tooth Removal.

Looking to find out more about the costs of wisdom tooth removal at NTUC Health Denticare? Read on, or jump to the following sections:

What affects the cost of wisdom tooth removal procedures?


Teeth that are growing in awkward angles are usually harder to remove.

There are several factors that influence this. The first is age. Extraction is easier in younger patients because their jawbone is more elastic. Secondly, wisdom teeth that are more challenging to extract, such as those that have partially erupted from the gum tissue, remain embedded in the jawbone or are irregular in shape, will cost more to remove as surgery may be required.

Another determining factor for the cost of the procedure is whether it is performed by a general dentist or a dental specialist, who is experienced in handling more complex cases.

How much does wisdom tooth removal cost at NTUC Health Denticare?

At NTUC Health Denticare, we offer both wisdom tooth extraction and surgery. Here are the fees for the different procedures:

Extraction$65.00 – $190.00
Impacted/Wisdom tooth surgery
General dentist$430.00 – $1,150.00
Dental specialist$1,100.00 – $2,000.00

These prices are correct at the time of publishing and exclusive of GST. Please check with our clinics for the latest prices.

Can I claim under Medisave for wisdom tooth removal?

Only wisdom tooth surgeries can be claimed under MediSave. The amount claimable depends on the complexity of the surgical procedure, such as whether tooth division is necessary, and the number of teeth being removed.

Here are the withdrawal limits for wisdom tooth surgeries covered by MediSave:

Wisdom Teeth Surgery ProcedureMedisave Limit
Without tooth divisionUp to $350
With tooth divisionUp to $950
Deep and with tooth divisionUp to $1,250

Note: The amount claimable is stipulated by MOH. The table above is only a guide and the final amount may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the withdrawal limits set by MOH. The final amount deducted from your MediSave account is dependent on MOH’s final approval.

Do note that wisdom tooth extraction is not MediSave-claimable.

How do I make a MediSave claim for my wisdom tooth surgery?

Ensure that you have a MediSave account. On top of that, check that you have sufficient funds in your account. You can get this information from the CPF Board, either by visiting their website (https://www.cpf.gov.sg/members) or calling their hotline at 1800-227-1188.

If you do not have a MediSave account or have insufficient balance to cover the cost of the dental procedures, you can opt to use the MediSave savings of your immediate family members, that is, your spouse, children, parents or grandparents (who must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents).

Bring the necessary documents.

  • Photocopies of both sides of the patient’s and Medisave Account Holder’s NRIC
  • Marriage certificate (if you are using your spouse’s Medisave)
  • Accurate information on your plan (i.e. type of plan and name of insurer)
  • Completed Medisave Authorization Form for Day Surgery with signatures by both the patient and Medisave Account Holder(s)

NTUC Health Denticare will help you submit the MediSave claims after you have provided the necessary documents.

Pay in full first. You will need to pay in full after each visit to our dental clinics. After that, NTUC Health Denticare will submit the documents, along with the invoices, to the relevant parties. All you would have to do is wait for 2 to 3 weeks for the claim to be processed and the approved amount claimable will be reimbursed to you by cheque.

Are there CHAS subsidies for wisdom tooth removal?

CHAS subsidies can only be used for wisdom teeth extractions and not surgeries. Here is a detailed breakdown of the available CHAS subsidies for extractions:

Dental ServiceCHAS OrangeCHAS BlueMerdeka GenerationPioneer Generation
Extraction, Posterior$68.50$73.50$78.50

What is more suitable for me: wisdom tooth extraction or surgery?


A dentist will evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth before providing recommendations.

In general, wisdom tooth extractions are for simpler cases, while surgery is recommended for those who have an impacted wisdom tooth that is difficult to remove. However, this is a question best answered by your dentist after a thorough examination.


Here is a summary of everything we have discussed about wisdom tooth extraction and surgery:

Wisdom Tooth ExtractionWisdom Tooth Surgery
How it works
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Tooth is moved back and forth until ligaments are broken
  • Local or general anaesthesia
  • Small incisions made expose the tooth
  • Tooth may be divided and removed in parts
Who is it forWhen the tooth is not impactedWhen the tooth is impacted or difficult to extract (e.g. embedded in jawbone)
How much it costs$65.00 – $190.00$430.00 – $1,500.00 (depending on complexity)
Subsidies availableCHAS subsidies availableMediSave claimable

These prices are correct at the time of publishing and exclusive of GST. Please check with our clinics for the latest prices.

Our dentists at NTUC Health Denticare will carefully evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth, as well as the neighbouring teeth and gums, before recommending the appropriate course of action.

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