Community Support

We bring dignity and care to seniors in need with our network of support and befriending services.

Supporting seniors in need

As a social enterprise, NTUC Health is committed to support seniors in need; working with both government and community partners to bring dignity and care to these seniors.

Through a variety of support programmes, we help to:

  • Provide care for vulnerable seniors who have no or little family support
  • Ensure that they have the resources to live safely and independently at home
  • NTUC Health is one of the operators of Senior Cluster Networks (SCN) in Singapore. Initiated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), SCNs help to coordinate community-based care and support services for vulnerable seniors within each HDB town. The Cluster Support team at NTUC Health was appointed by MSF in 2012, to provide intervention care for vulnerable seniors who have little or no family support.

    Cluster Support provides intervention care for vulnerable seniors who have no or little family support, such as physical, functional, mental, emotional, financial, home environment and social assistance.

    Our team of social service professionals also partner with neighbourhood volunteers to regularly visit the homes of such seniors to monitor their wellbeing. We do basic health screening for seniors who may be at risk of dementia or depression, to ensure they obtain the necessary support early.

    Our Aim

    The aim is to enable such seniors to remain at home, in their preferred community for as long as possible. This is done with a team of trained social workers using a case management approach, monitoring and counselling services. Case managers conduct regular home visits and link such seniors with community support and assistance services to help meet their needs.

    NTUC Health currently operates Cluster Support services within two appointed SCN service boundaries mainly in the Taman Jurong and Bukit Merah areas.

  • NTUC Health, formerly known as NTUC Eldercare, officially took over the management of the Henderson Senior Citizens’ Home from the Chinese Women’s Association on 2 January 2010. The Sheltered Home was managed and funded by the Chinese Women’s Association from 1978 to 2009. It was renamed to Henderson Home in 2013 after a major renovation and re-opening ceremony. Henderson Home is co-located with our Active Ageing Centre and Senior Day Care.


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