Cheng Jing Wen


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Occupational Therapy

Ms Cheng Jing Wen graduated from Trinity College Dublin (Singapore Institute of Technology) with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Occupational Therapy. She currently specialises in Geriatrics and has valuable experience in this field.

She is certified by Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) as a clinical educator and also an Advanced Care Planning facilitator. Previously in an acute setting, her rotation includes acute medicine and orthopaedics. She was also at an outpatient hands clinic of a community hospital and provided health literacy courses in community centres.

Ms Cheng is a dedicated individual that enjoys hiking and leisure cycling. She would like to share her positivity through this quote, "Let all that you do be done in love".

Years in Industry: 7

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin; conversational Malay, Cantonese, basic Hokkien


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