Fitness Classes

Most of us tend to focus on one type of exercise like leisure walks and think it is enough. However, research has shown that it is important to get all four types of exercise (endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility) in order to reap the full benefits.

If you are looking to incorporate exercise in your lifestyle, why not try one of our fitness classes where you will get to work on all four types of exercise?

Our Functional Strength Training fitness class incorporates both fitness equipment and bodyweight exercises.

Besides learning a new exercise, you can also get to meet like-minded people in the class!

If fitness classes are not your cup of tea, but you are looking to gain strength, build muscle mass and improve bone density, check out our Senior Gym-based fitness programmes too!

  • Each one of our exercise programmes has different benefits:

    • Endurance exercises improve the functions of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system
    • Strength exercises improve muscular strength which makes everyday activities feel easier
    • Balance exercises help prevent falls
    • Flexibility exercises increase one's range of motion
  • Our programmes are suitable for those who:

    • require no assistance in mobility and moving from station to station
    • do not have any physical or medical conditions or symptoms that may be made worse with exercise
    • have normal/ controlled high blood pressure and heart rate
    • have the physical or mental capacity to follow through the programme
    • Complimentary pre-class assessment for all new joiners
    • Supervised group sessions
    • Blood pressure taking before every class to ensure participants’ safety
    • Warm up and cool down exercises to minimise risk of injury

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